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Allie Bee Candle Co

Allie Bee Candle Co Beeswax Tea Light Candle

Allie Bee Candle Co Beeswax Tea Light Candle

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These pure beeswax tea lights are like drops of golden sunlight drizzled with honey. They are perfect for adding ambiance to any situation and can provide large amounts of light in a tiny package. They smell heavenly, like warm honey, which is all-natural and influenced by the fields and flowers the bees pollinated that season.

• 100% Pure US Beeswax

• No Fragrances or Chemicals

• Cotton, Metal-Free Wick

• All-Natural & Eco-Friendly

• Handmade in New York

Aluminum cups - can be recycled and reused.

Weight: 0.5oz

Burn Time: 3hr-4hr

Size: 1.5"x0.75"


Avoid placing candles in direct sunlight to avoid color fade and discoloration. It is usual for beeswax candles to acquire a dust-like film after a while; this is known as "bloom" and is a sign of pure beeswax. Bloom can be easily removed with a clean, dry cloth or by warming your hands.

Made in United States

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