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Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Switch Bamboo Chopsticks | Set of 2

Bamboo Switch Bamboo Chopsticks | Set of 2

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All Natural Bamboo Chopsticks - Set of 2

Our Bamboo chopsticks are the perfect replacement for single-use ones you get in restaurants or plastic ones from the store. Get yourself a high-quality kitchen essential for a efficient low-cost. The same experience for a lower price. We have so many color options to choose from whether you like bright or plain, we’ve got it all!

Compostable, Reusable, Handwash and Air Dry


8.6" in length

Environmental Impact

Single-use restaurant plasticware is one of the biggest modern day culprits of waste left behind for hundreds of years. By getting a set of your very own, you are cutting the number of plastic ware down significantly. Make a Switch. Make a Difference. 

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