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Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Switch Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush - Kids

Bamboo Switch Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush - Kids

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Kids Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush with all Natural Bamboo Bristles

This all-natural hairbrush will not only feels amaaaaazing on your kids scalp, but it also is amazing for mother earth! Our bamboo hairbrush will ensure their hair is tangle-free with ease. Treat yourself today and get a brush that is sure to leave your little ones hair feeling softer than ever before. Being made of ethically sourced bamboo, you won't feel guilty at all when you brush your little one's luscious locks! 

The bristles are made of naturally antibacterial bamboo. 


8" in length
2.5" in width

Environmental Impact

Millions of plastic hairbrushes are thrown out yearly. Think about how much of an impact that is. With just one simple switch you are eliminating millions of pounds of plastic waste from our environment without sacrificing the same experience. Our Bamboo Brushes get the job done better without leaving behind plastic for years to come. 

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