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Earthley The Green Family Gets the Sniffles - Children's Book

Earthley The Green Family Gets the Sniffles - Children's Book

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Earthley’s First Children’s Book is Here!

The Green Family adventures are fun and relatable for real families who are trying to do their best to make healthier, natural choices. While most children’s books normalize the mainstream path (schools, doctor’s visits, etc.), The Green Family normalizes a totally different lifestyle — one that is becoming ever more popular.

The story is beautifully illustrated, and comes with discussion questions and recipes for elderberry syrup, ginger tea, and chicken soup, so you can try them out with your own family! 


Meet The Green Family: Mama, Papa, Axel (10), Violet (8), River (6), and Soleil (3). They’re a mid-western, homesteading family living their best life — as naturally as they can.

In their first adventure, The Green Family Gets the Sniffles, Violet wakes up with a cold on a day they’re supposed to head to the town’s ice festival. Papa takes the healthy kids off for an adventure, while Mama stays behind to take care of poor Violet.

But Mama knows just what to do! She gives Violet her homemade elderberry syrup, makes a pot of chicken soup, and prepares hot ginger tea. Soon, Violet is feeling better — and Mama’s prepared when Axel wakes up later with a sniffle, too!

Sneak peek of the story:

Mama Green smiled at Violet and headed into the kitchen. She got out the ingredients for soup: onions, carrots, celery, garlic, bone broth, bay leaves, parsley, sage, chicken, and turmeric. She chopped and mixed and simmered until the soup was golden and smelled delicious.

Violet came wandering out of her room. “I smelled the soup and I want to have some!”

“Of course,” Mama Green said, as she reached for a bowl and a spoon. She ladled some steaming soup into Violet’s bowl, then carried it across their bright, rustic kitchen and set it down in front of her at the table.

More titles will come in later 2022!


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