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Earthley The Green Family Goes Wildcrafting - Children's Book

Earthley The Green Family Goes Wildcrafting - Children's Book

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Earthley’s Second Children’s Book is Here!

The Green Family adventures are fun and relatable for real families who are trying to do their best to make healthier, natural choices. While most children’s books normalize the mainstream path (schools, doctor’s visits, etc.), The Green Family normalizes a totally different lifestyle — one that is becoming ever more popular.

In this sequel, join Mama and the family as they go wildcrafting for edible and medicinal herbs right in their own backyard. The story is beautifully illustrated, and comes with discussion questions and recipes for violet jelly, dandelion muffins, and dandelion and strawberry salad so you can try them out with your own family! 


Meet The Green Family: Mama, Papa, Axel (10), Violet (8), River (6), and Soleil (3). They’re a mid-western, homesteading family living their best life — as naturally as they can.

Make sure to grab the first book in the series: The Green Family Gets the Sniffles.

In their second adventure, The Green Family Goes Wildcrafting, it’s dandelion season and the family decides to go harvest some edible and medicinal herbs. Dandelions, violets, and clovers are just some of the herbs that can be found right outside their backdoor and Mama knows how to use them all in salads, teas, jellies, and muffins and more. Together, they learn just how much is growing in their own backyard that is useful.

Sneak peek of the story:

“Ooh, look at these pretty purple flowers!” Violet bent over. The flowers were tiny, with four petals. They were surrounded by curled, heart-shaped leaves. “What are they?”

“Those, my dear, are violets!” Mama said.

Violet’s eyes widened. “Violets…like me!” she exclaimed. 

“That’s right,” Mama told her. “You can pick them, if you like. We can make violet jelly! Violets are tasty, and they’re rich in vitamin C.”

Violet began to gather the purple flowers into her basket.

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