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Earthley The Green Family Visits the Midwife - Children's Book

Earthley The Green Family Visits the Midwife - Children's Book

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Children whose families make alternative/natural choices deserve to see themselves represented in children’s literature!  With this idea in mind, we created The Green Family.  The Greens are a family who live on a small homestead in the Midwest, where they grow some of their own food, homeschool, use natural remedies, and now — home birth!

In this adventure, join Mama and the family as they make an exciting announcement — they’re expecting a new baby!  Mama takes the Green children with her to visit the midwife, where they get to see how Mama and baby are doing and ask questions as they prepare for a home birth. **This is a physical book**

Beautifully illustrated and fun to read, this book will quickly become a family favorite!

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