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Wild Women Herbs

Wild Women Herbs Breathe Blend Elixir

Wild Women Herbs Breathe Blend Elixir

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This powerful blend is formulated to support your respiratory system during times of need. Reach for our Breathe Better Elixir whenever you need help opening up your airways or easing productive, persistent coughs. This blend is wonderful for those irritated, chronic coughs and is great to have on hand throughout fire season.

To use: Take 1-2 droppers orally up to 4 times a day as needed to help support your respiratory system and fight infections.

Organic, homegrown or wildcrafted ingredients: Mullein (V. thapsus), Elecampane (I. helenium), Cottonwood (Poplulus spp.), Pine (P. contorta), Boneset (E. perfoliatum), Usnea (U. spp.), Pearly Everlasting (A. margaritacea), Gluten-Free Alcohol, Spring Water and Raw Honey.

This product comes in a 2oz amber glass bottle with a dropper top

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