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Wild Women Herbs

Wild Women Herbs Reishi & Rose Cleansing Oil

Wild Women Herbs Reishi & Rose Cleansing Oil

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Oil cleansing your skin might sound counterintuitive but it's a very nourishing way to clear off debris, dirt, and excess oils from the surface of your skin without damaging the outer layer and stripping away beneficial oils.

Reishi mushrooms are packed full of rich beta-glucans that offer anti-inflammatory and healing benefits for the delicate tissues of your skin. Roses offer another layer of nourishing, gentle protection that makes this blend the perfect way to cleanse the skin for those with sensitive, dry skin - or even acne (yes, adding oil to acne skin can be beneficial if the root cause of the acne is clogged pores or imbalanced sebum - crazy, right?).

To use: Massage one dropperful of oil onto a wet/dry face, gently massaging in a circular direction to remove dirt, makeup, and debris. Either wash off with warm water or apply a hot washcloth to your face, creating steam to open up pores and deep cleanse the skin before rinsing off. Gently wipe off excess oils with a cloth, then apply two or three drops of oil to your clean face after drying (if needed).

Organic, homegrown, and wildcrafted ingredients: Organic sunflower oil infused with reishi mushrooms, rose petals, and elderflowers with neroli essential oil.

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